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Shauni Locksley

Shauni, a hairstyling rockstar, and D.C. licensed stylist, has been transforming tresses since the early '90s, beginning in the bustling salons of Washington D.C. before expanding her stylistic reach into the Virginia and Maryland areas. Passionate about finding her unique niche in the industry, she found that her knack for creating bombshell styles transcended any type of hair.

Shauni’s journey through the years has seen many changes - in business, lifestyle, and clientele, all of which have shaped her career path. A desire for a sustainable work-life balance, along with the need for a secure retirement, led her to explore other career avenues. Yet, her original love for hairstyling - the creativity, hard work, and the reward of seeing clients' faces light up - kept pulling her back.

She finds immense satisfaction in the artistry of hair cutting, playing with colors, creating a new look, and mastering the perfect blowout that swings and smells divine. Her passion for creating soft, healthy, and chic hair that sets her clients apart from the crowd has remained her enduring motivation. Each hair product and tool used elevates the standard of her service, offering her upscale clientele a pleasurable experience.

Shauni is also the proud CEO and vendor of Locks Couture Hair, a testament to her commitment to the profession. Today, you'll find her gracefully crafting styles at the salon.

Shauni's philosophy is to let your wild side shine through your hairstyle, embodying a rockstar lifestyle. She eagerly awaits to welcome you to her salon home, treating every guest with nothing but respect, love, and care.

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